Yu Wei was Ji Ning's Dao Companion, who gave birth to his daughter, Ji Brightmoon.

Appearance Edit

A Black-Robed Maiden standing beneath the moonlight. This maiden’s beautiful features were absolutely superior to that of even Ninelotus…and that cool, indifferent aura made her seem like a true Immortal of the heavens.

History Edit

Yu Wei is a reincarnated Immortal. In her past life, she used to live a peaceful life in a small tribe within a vast grassland until disaster befell them. After that event, she went down a path of slaughter, becoming a terrifying Asura. She died before becoming a Celestial Immortal.

Plot Edit

Book 7 Edit

Yu Wei is a disciple of the Black-White College. At the time, she was a peak Wanxiang Adept known as the Rainbowflame Fairy. She was within her estate when ninelotus came to visit her and told her about a new disciple, Ji Ning, that was able to beat senior disciples in the Dao Debate Palace. She already heard rumors about Ji Ning being apprenticed to Immortal Diancai and apparently being a reincarnated Immortal. Yu Wei was quite surprised to found out that his soul is at the 'divine sense' level. She became interested in Ji Ning and decided to go to the Dao Debate Palace the next day to watch his matches. After watching multiple disciples get defeated by Ji Ning, she challenged Ji Ning to a battle and won within a few short breaths. When she went to collect her bet from Ji Ning, she teased him a little.

Book 18 Edit

Yu Wei was a spy for the Godking. At a critical moment during the Realm War, she destroyed a bottle of poison that would've helped Ji Ning's side win, thus dealing a crippling blow to them. She committed suicide immediately afterwards, leaving Ji Ning hurt and in a daze.