The Witchriver Immortal Estate is located in the distant Skyrove Mountains.

It was created by Immortal Witchriver.He was an aquatic Diremonster who gained insight into the Dao and became a Celestial Immortal. In the past, his fame was widespread. Afterwards, he fought with other Immortals of the Three Realms and perished.

Although Immortal Witchriver was a Diremonster, he was a Diremonster Sword Immortal, and had an extremely high level of insight into the Dao of the Sword.

Inside the estate where tens of thousands of Diremonsters and had few Loose Immortals.

These snowy white armored Diremonsters all had enormous fish-like tails and human bodies, their faces were covered with scales.

After the death of Immortal Whichriver they were locked inside estate unable to leave.

The Witchriver Immortal Estate was tens of thousands of kilometers in size.

Inside where five golden Skypillars of light that seemed to be holding up the entire Immortal estate world.

Inside each Skypillarswas one of :

  • The Vault of Treasures - containing magical artifacts with at least one Immortal-ranked magic treasure
  • The Immortal Grass Palace - contains medicinal garden
  • Dao Soldier Palace - armory containing Dao-armors
  • Dao Repository Palace
  • Witchriver Palace - Palace where Immortal Witchriver lived

Inside Dao Repository Palace where numerous techniques including:

  • Six types of Immortal-ranked Ki Refining techniques totaling more than three hundred volumes.
  • Three types of divine abilities totalling more than a hundred volumes.
  • One divine will technique, totaling six volumes.

Those three types of divine abilities where: [Heavenly Transformation], [Three Heads, Six Arms], and [Pentabolt Vajra].

The [Pentabolt Vajra] was divided into five levels; the highest level was only trainable by Empyrean Gods. Only at that level could this divine ability be truly perfected to a supreme level. This is the simplified version of the legendary divine ability, [Golden Nirmana Body].

The [Golden Nirmana Body] it is a legendary divine ability that was one of the top divine abilities of the entire Three Realms that was created by Lord Tathagata.

Divine Will technique was [Soldiers of the Mind].