divine artifact

Weapons and artifacts used by Immortal cultivators within the Three Realms are referred to as ranked treasures and divided up into several ranks depending on the level of power needed by the user to bind and control them and are then further divided into Top, High, Medium and Low grade artifacts depending on their power compared to the other artifacts of the same rank.

The vast majority of artifacts and weapons require the user to be a Ki Refiner to bind and use, and cannot be used by Fiendgod Body Refiners unless they also train as Ki Refiners, to get around this the major powers among the Fiendgods developed the ‘Fiendgod Bloodforging’ technique to create Divine weapons that can be used by them.

The ranks of artifacts and cultivation required to bind them are respectively

Rank of Artifact Required level of cultivation to bind
None Houtian
Unranked Xiantian
Mortal Zifu Disciple
Earth Wanxiang Adept
Heaven Primal / Primal Daoist
Immortal Void / Immortal
Pure Yang Celestial Immortal / Empyrean God
Protocosmic Anyone if the treasure's spirit is willing or a

Pure Yang True Immortal / Empyrean God if not

Universe Treasure The treasure chooses the owner and if the treasure does not like you it won't choose you even if you have sufficient power and talent
Lifeblood Lifeblood treasures are different from all of the other treasures in that the user pours their insights of their Dao into it, allowing them to unleash the maximum amount of power with it. Lifeblood treasure can also be used to perfect and upgrade the user's Dao. If a lifeblood treasure is fed enough materials, it can even become a Universe treasure.

Those who train as Ki Refiners are capable of forging various magic treasures including golems, flying swords and storage artifacts, which can be bound by any Ki Refiner who has reach the appropriate level of power for that grade of artifact.

Treasure spirits Edit

Certains Weapons and artifacts possess a special living spirit. More to come.

Divine Weapons Edit

Fiendgod Body Refiners are unable to forge or even bind most types of artifacts unless they also train as Ki Refiners, but are able to create weapons for themselves by using the ‘Fiendgod Bloodforging’ technique developed by the major powers of the Fiendgods.

First find a weapon to serve as a base, the better the base materials used to create said weapon, the better the result will be, next one must use their own blood to create the formation diagram required for the ritual.

After the Bloodforging ritual is completed the weapon will be able to absorb various auras, such as a baleful aura, an evil aura, a killing aura, and other auras. The more enemies you kill, the more powerful the enemies you kill, the more the weapon will naturally strengthen, it can also change in size and weight as you please.

This sort of weapon is often referred to as a ‘divine weapon’, a ‘demonic weapon’, or a ‘slaying weapon’.

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