Stillwater City is the Commandery City of the Stillwater Commanderyand is ruled by the Northmont Clan.

The city is 9321 kilometers long and 8910 kilometers wide and is divided into the east city, the south city, the north city, the west city, and the Marquisate, with the entire city being located within an Immortal rank formation.

The Marquisate Edit

The Marquisate is in the center of the city and is roughly eight hundred kilometers in length, it is the Northmont Clans headquarters and it is absolutely forbidden to enter without authorization.

The West City Edit

The West City is filled with many large estates, whose owners include supreme clans, schools, sects and other major powers who have a presence in the city. 

The North and South City Edit

The North City also has many estates with most there belonging to members of the Raindragon Guard, while the South City, mostly has the residences of the Northmont Clans soldiers.  

East City Edit

The East City has the local branch of the Mountain of Heavenly Treasures, where magic artifacts, pills and other resources can be purchased, there are also venues for entertainment such as the Carefree Caverns.  

Black-White College Edit

The Black-White College is also located within a mountain range in the city.