Overview Edit

A one armed man from the Metalstone Tribe.

Plot Edit

Saber is first introduced coming from a fishing expedition in the Eastmount Marsh towards his Metalstone Tribe. On the trip back to Metalstone Tribe, he teases Ah Yi. Then his group gets attacked by a Bian Tiger, he fights against the Bian Tiger along with the group but the Bian Tiger overpowers the group almost kills Dala. However Dala is saved at the last moment by Ji Ning. Dala then receives a beasthead of gold from Ning because he agreed to guide Ning in Eastmount Marsh. Dala gives the gold to Saber and tells him to give it to Dala's eldest son and to take care of his three children if he does not come back alive. Saber agrees to Dala's condition. He then orders his tribesman to chop the Bian tiger and take its body parts back to the tribe.