Overview Edit

The fourth master of the Starseizing Manor. He was a Zifu disciple when he became the fourth master of the Starseizing Manor. Immortal Juhua was alive during that time and he took Rampart as a disciple. Immortal Juhua knew that he would die soon, so he publicized that he would take on a disciple who can pass three trials of the Starseizing Manor. The disciple has to be a fiendgod body refiner and someone who is either at the Xiantian or Zifu level. Rampart is the only one to pass and become Immortal Juhua's disciple. Immortal Juhua gave Rampart some treasures after he became Juhua's disciple. Then later on Immortal Juhua died as a result of the increasingly powerful tribulation, and shortly after that Rampart died as an Wanxiang Adept.