There are two different branches in training, these two paths are Ki Refining to become an Immortal and Fiendgod Body Refining to become a Fiendgod.

As one continues the train they will depending on their progress advance through several different levels of power, with each increase in level they will gain various abilities e.g. Primal fire of Blood Drop Rebirth, their souls will be strengthened to the equivalent level and gain the ability to control magic artifacts of the appro0priate rank.

Cant rly edit this so just gonna saay this ...In the newer books wasnt it like Heartforce cultivators as well i mean they count them diff like the say theres 3 branches in training?

Ki refining Edit

Ki Refining involves refining the elemental ki in ones body and eventually establishing a Zifu thus allowing them to control elemental Ki, create artifacts, control magic treasures and utilize magical formations.

Training involves molding the Zifu and later Dantian and depends on both ones own insight into the Dao and absorbing enough elemental essence although this can also be sped up by using liquefied elemental essence in order to avoid having to slowly gather it yourself.

Fiendgod Body Refining Edit

Fiendgod Body Refining involves training ones body to be like a Fiendgod and cultivating Divine power giving its users indestructible bodies, Divine abilities, incredible physical strength and eventually the ability to regenerate from a single drop of blood.

The Stages of Training Edit

The refinement of Ki (see below) and the Fiendgod Body Refinement (also below) are divided into ten stages, with the immortal level Fiendgod Body Refiners being viewed more powerful then Celestial Immortal stage Ki Refiners. As they progress from the Void to the next stage the Celestial Tribulation will fall and if they pass they may move on to the next stage, but they are to fail but manage survive they instead become a Loose Immortal.

Ki Refining Stages Edit

Body Refining Stages Edit

1 - Houtian

1 - Houtian

2 - Xiantian

2 - Xiantian

3 - Zifu Disciple

3 - Zifu Disciple

4 - Wanxiang Adept

4 - Wanxiang Adept

5 - Primal Daoist

5 - Primal Daoist

6 - Earth Immortal

6 - Void Level Immortal

7 - Celestial Immortal

7 - Empyrean God

8 - (Pure Yang) True Immortal

8 - True God

9 - Ancestral Immortal / Daofather

9 - Elder God

10 - Chaos Immortal

10 - World God

11 - Samsara Daolord

12 - Eternal Emperor

13 - Supreme / Autarchs

14 - Master of Chaotic Universe

Houtian Edit

The stage which all humans, animals and most monsters are born at, with human life spans at this stage being roughly only 100 years, some Fiendgod Refiners at this stage can reattach severed limbs.

Xiantian Edit

Requires one to either be naturally birthed by the heavens (in the case of Fiendgods, Devas & Asuras) or to train ones body to be akin those born from the heavens, xiantian lifeforms souls become powerful enough to give them a photographic memory.

Monsters who have trained beyond the Houtian level are thereafter referred to as Diremonsters, humans at this stage will have a lifespan of approx 200 years with Diremonsters having as much as a thousand years in comparison.

Fiendgod Body Refiners at this stage can regrow severed limbs and will manifest abilities associated with the technique they train in, for example belching hellfire for the [Calamity Fiend] technique or controling fire and water for the [Crimsonbright Diagram of the Nine Heavens] technique.

Zifu Disciple / Violet Palace Edit

Ki Refiners must first establish their Zifu (the "Violet Palace") in their dantian to reach this stage, the Zifu serves as their foundation and if the quantity of elemental essence absorbed at this stage is insufficient it can be difficult to train to the following stages.

Fiendgod Body Refiners at this stage gain the ability of blood drop rebirth allowing them to revive themselves from a single drop of blood, even if their head is crushed, they also can at this stage begin training in some Divine Abilities.

Zifu disciples have souls powerful enough for them to split their mind in two and have usually reached the One with the World level of insight. Human's at this stage posses lifespans of 500 years.

The Three Calamities and Nine Tribulations Edit

After becoming a Zifu disciple those who were not naturally born as a xiantian lifeform will begin to experience the Three Calamities and Nine Tribulations, every three hundred years they will receive a minor tribulation and every nine hundred a major tribulation, thus the saying ‘Three centuries a calamity, nine centuries a tribulation, calamities are easy to avoid, but tribulations are hard to escape!’.

These tribulations will continue until the individual advances to a peak level void Immortal and passes their heavenly tribulation thus becoming a Celestial Immortal or Empyrean God. But if they fail their tribulation survive and become a Loose Immortal the tribulations will still continue until they die.

Wanxiang Adept / Myriad Manifestations Edit

Ki Refiners begin to create within their Zifu manifestations of the stars, moon and the sun, the more natural essence absorbed in the preceding stages the better the level of the manifestation that can be achieved. Life span goes up to 800 years.

A sea of stars in the sky Edit

The Zifu has a manifestation of the stars in the night sky, this level of manifestation is the minimum required to become an Wanxiang adept if it cannot be achieved then it is impossible to breakthrough.

Bright moon shining in the sky Edit

The second level of manifestation, capable of training to the level of an immortal.

A sea of stars, the bright moon and the sun in the sky Edit

Is considered to be the best result, and if the Jade Rabbit and the Golden Crow manifest it is a perfect foundation.

Wanxiang adepts have souls powerful enough to utilize Divine will (move things through the strength of their soul) and will have generally reached the True Meaning of the Dao level of insight into the Dao. Human Wanxiang adepts can live for 800 years while Diremonsters at this stage can live for ten thousand years.

Primal Daoist / Primal Edit

Upon becoming a primal daoist one will cease aging, instead having an eternal lifespan.

When breaking through to the primal stage ones soul will leave their sea of consciousness and merge with their body (in the case of a Fiendgod Body Refiner) or with a Primal Turtlesnake manifestation in their Zifu (Ki Refiners), these will then help nurture the soul causing it to rapidly increase in strength.

Ki Refiners at this stage can utilize the primal fire generated from the Primal Turtlesnake in their Zifu, while Fiendgod Body Refiners can create clones due to their souls now being fused with their bodies.

A primal daoist's soul will be powerful enough to open the eye of heaven and manifest Divine sense, this allows them to see the karmic merit of an individual, they will also most often be at the Dao Domain level of enlightenment into the Dao.

Earth Immortal or Loose Immortal / Void Edit

Can be referred to as a ‘Land Immortal’, or ‘Earth Immortal’.

In the peak of the Void stage, a heavenly tribulation will test them, if they fail, then either they will die and their spirits will be extinguished or if an immortals body is destroyed but manages to escape with his soul, then he will become a ‘Loose Immortal’, whose power is the same as Earth Immortals but cannot advance any further.

Ki refiners at this stage will develop a golden lotus on the back of their primal turtlesnake within their zifu region at this stage and as they progress through the void stage the lotus will develop until after surpassing the heavenly tribulation where it will give birth to the jindan.

Celestial Immortal (Ki Refiners only) Edit

When reaching this stage one can be considered to have ascended beyond the Three Realms and no longer be formed from the Five Elements and the Three Calamities and Nine Tribulations will cease.

A Celestial Immortals soul will after the tribulation fully fuse with the Primal Turtlesnake and their zifu region becoming a Jindan, afterwards they will manifest 'Coresense'.

Must have comprehend an entire dao-path in order to undergo the heavenly tribulation and be able to reach this level.

The nature of the jindan reflects upon the power of the celestial immortal :

- Class 3 jindan : achieved by absorbing energy from the world. Can be upgraded to class 2 using secret methods

- Class 2 jindan : achieved by absorbing energy from treasures .Slightly weaker than Empyrean gods but outclasses normal celestial immortals

-Class 1 jindan ; A world god or a chaos immortals is needed to help create this jindan . The same strenght as an Empyrean god.

Empyrean God (Fiendgod Body Refiners only) Edit

When void level Fiendgods overcome the Celestial Tribulation they will become an Empyrean God. Also you need to master an ordinary dao and use that dao as a core of your divine body.

True Immortal of Pure Yang (Ki Refiners only) Edit

The stage after Celestial Immortal, True Immortals of Pure Yang and are often referred to simply as True Immortals.

To reach this stage you must have completely comprehended both a grand dao and a lesser dao belonging to each of the five elements (water, fire, wood, earth and metal), this will allow you to fuse the five elements within the Jindan and connect oneself to the essence of Heaven and Earth itself, the Jindan will then evolve and transform into a Pure Yang Jindan, creating Pure Yang power and allowing one to become a true Pure Yang True Immortal.

True God of Primordial Chaos (Fiendgod Body Refiners only) Edit

The stage after Empyrean God for Fiendgod Body Refiners. In this level you need to master a grand dao and use that grand dao as a core of the divine body. It is also good to have daos that are not contradictory. So if you use a water dao to break through as an empyrean god, you should not use fire grand dao to break through as a True God. This could cause problem in the divine body and makes it harder to break through as Elder God and World God.

Golden Immortal of the Great Firmament or Ancestral Immortal (Ki Refiners only) Edit

Golden Immortal of the Great Firmament or alternatively Daofather of the Great Firmament often referred to simply as Daofathers are the final stage for Ki Refiners. The requirements to reach this stage are to have mastered a heavenly dao.

Members of the Buddhist Sangha who reach the Daofather stage are referred to as Buddhas instead of Daofathers (e.g. Buddha Ananda).

In addition outside of Three Realms, Daofather Stage is called as Ancestral Immortal. This is the common term throughout the Endless Territories, only in Three Realms is the term Daofather and Buddha is used.

Elder God (Fiendgod Body Refiners only) Edit

The stage after True God of Primordial Chaos. In this stage you need to master a heavenly dao and use that heavenly dao as a core of the divine body to create an Elder God body. Its also better to use daos that are not contradictory to the daos you used to break through Empyrean God and True God.

World God (Fiendgod Body Refiners) Edit

The level of Pangu and to which Mother Nuwa later made a break through to. At this level the Gods are capable of destroying or creating chaos worlds. Those that are born at this level die upon creation of the Chaos World as Pangu did. World God's that have reached full mastery on the dao that they are strongest in have to start developing their on dao at this point because they won't be able to draw anything else out of the prime essences of the universe. They begin training to become a Samsara Daolord.

First level = Level of brand new World-level: They are young, inexperienced, and quite weak. 

Second level = The ordinary level: Most World-level experts are at.

Third level = Class-Elite: More stronger than the ordinary level.

Fourth level = Class-Master: The level of full mastery.

Fifth level = Class-Supreme: High above the Class-Master.

Chaos Immortals (Ki Refiners only) Edit

Daofathers after shattering their great firmament pellet in their body produce an entire chaos in their own body and are capable of utilizing the energy of the world for their own. This is the same level as a World God for Ki refiners.

Samsara Daolord (Both Ki Refiners & Fiendgod Body Refiners) Edit

At this point you have already set up your path. The easier the dao the easier it will to gain eternity with that dao but that will also mean the if you do you will become a common class Eternal Emperor. If you have a stronger dao then that means you will become more renown in the universe but it will also mean it will be harder for you to gain eternity with that dao and if you fail your dao-merge your dao will vanish and your true soul extinguished. Each step in becoming a Eternal Emperor, you will basically be facing annihilation but passing each step will make you more powerful.

1st Step Samsara Daolord

2nd Step Samsara Daolord

3rd Step Samsara Daolord

4th Step Samsara Daolord (Daomerge-Edge)

Eternal Emperor (Both Ki Refiners & Fiendgod Body Refiners) Edit

Eternal Emperors have crystallized their flowers of eternity during the daomerge. They can live longer than 108,000 chaos cycles, which is why they have eternity.

Common Class:Mastered a simple Dao, can advance no further . Can be killed by powerful Dao lords

Ruler Class:Mastered a rather strong Dao

Ultimate Class:Mastered an ultimate Dao (fusing all aspects of a Dao) , can fight common supreme class

Supreme / Autarchs (Both Ki Refiners & Fiendgod Body Refiners) Edit

"Autarchs are the true and absolute rulers of the Chaosverse who stand above all other living beings,Everworlds are created by Eternal Emperors… and otherverses are created by Autarchs."

"Autarchs are the true and absolute rulers of the Chaosverse who stand above all other living beings"

After fusing many different Daos into their main Dao reaching the stage of a thousand daos from one an Eternal Emperor can become a Supreme. Divided into two classes :

Common Class: Advanced From Ruler class Eternal Emperor

Ultimate Class: Advanced From Ultimate class Eternal Emperor

Master of Chaotic UniverseEdit

Only an Ultimate Supreme / Autarchs can reach this stage. After refining the core of a Chaotic Universe(A chaosworld being only a part of regular universe , which is part of a chaotic universe) an ultimate Supreme becomes basically omnipotent in his universe.

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