Patriarch Subhuti was born as a True God alongside other fiendgods such as Pangu, Nuwa, Threelives and Thundergod. He is one of the most trusted person of the Nuwa alliance and has the task of retreating with the Nuwa alliance if there is grave danger where the citizens of Three Realms can't protect themselves.

Patriarch Subhuti is so secretive that other major powers can’t even find his estate. Patriarch Subhuti trains in both Buddhism and Daoism. With a single dream, he learns of all the matters of the Three Realms. His power is simply unfathomable. Daoist Threelives and Patriarch Subhuti were true lifelong friends who went through life and death together. He helped Threelives build the Starseizing manor.

After winning the Conclave, Ji Ning was approached by a disciple of Subhuti, who offered to recruit him. Subhuti learned of Ji Ning's Divine ability that he inherited from Threelives in a dream, where he saw the events of the Conclave as if he was watching in person.

Supreme dao of peacetime :spacetime in the surrounding area began to ripple. Space itself seemed to transform as though this area was severed from the rest of the universe, and the speed of time began to change as well.

Merge multiple supreme daos of spaecetime to become daolord