Description Edit

A Earth Immortal Ki Refiner, he is a disciple of the Black-White College, studying the Dao of Constructs from his master daoist Jadefine and he is also a close friend of Ji Ning.

History Edit

The only surviving member of his family with the rest being killed during the past, he joins the Black-White College with the intent to study the Dao of constructs and to get revenge on those who killed his family.

Personality Edit

He is described as being very young and naive, not being able to prevent what he is thinking from showing upon his face and being very quick to anger.

Plot Edit

Mu Northson is first introduced in Book 7 when Ji Ning is taking the test to join the Black-White College. Mu Northson was also taking the test. He is the only one along with Ji Ning to pass the test and become a member of the Black-White College.

Techniques & Arts Edit

Serpents swallow the skies Edit

Creates two water based serpents to attack enemies

Azure Dragon Construct Edit

A construct created by Mu Northson himself, it possesses powerful attack power and can also transform into a ship

Dao Edit

Lesser Dao Edit

Unnamed water Dao

Grand Dao Edit

Dao of Constructs