Overview Edit

A small tribe that leaves close to the Eastmount Marsh and its members fish in the Eastmount Marsh at the risk of their lives. Dala, Saber, Tyson and Ah Yi are from this tribe.

Plot Edit

The members of the Metalstone Tribe gets attacked by a Bian Tiger on their journey back from a fishing expedition in Eastmount Marsh. The tribe is saved by the timely killing of Bian Tiger by Ji Ning. Afterwards the tribe members chop of body parts of the Bian Tiger to take back to their tribe.

Dala a member of the tribe decides to accompany Ning into the Eastmount Marsh. Later on it is seen in the Eastmount Marsh that there were people from the Metalstone Tribe that are captured by the Blue Guards in order to feed them to the Aquatic Rhino. Ning cuts the rope of the Metalstone Tribe members after killing all of the Blue Guards. The Metalstone Tribe members then flees back to the Metalstone Tribe along with Dala.

Autumn Leaf and Mowu were waiting for Ning in the Metalstone Tribe and they were worried about Ning because Dala told them that Ning was fighting the Aquatic Rhino. They were relieved when Ning came back to the Metalstone Tribe safe and sound. Tyson welcomes Ning and thanks him for saving the Metalstone Tribe members. Ning decides to stay in the Metalstone Tribe and also gives three beast heads of gold to Dala for his services in the Eastmount Marsh.

Then one day people from Blackmount Tribe comes to the Metalstone Tribe to collect furs. Their leader Braveshell gets into conflict with Ji Ning, Autumn Leaf and Mowu. Tyson tells Braveshell that the three of them are from larger tribe. However after finding out the killing intent of Ning, Autumn Leaf and Mowu, Braveshell orders his men to attack them but his men gets killed by Wanfang and Braveshell himself gets killed by Ning. Afterwards the Metalstone tribe members dispose of the body and they are happy the Blackmount Tribe members died as they were abusing the people of Metalstone Tribe. Also Wanfang decides to go to the Blackmount Tribe to make sure that the tribe does not take advantage of the surrounding tribes including the Metalstone Tribe. Also that very same day Ning, Autumn Leaf and Mowu leaves the Metalstone Tribe after finding new information about Serpentwing.