• the leader of the Eight Immortals of the High Caves.
  • Lu Dongbing was the reincarnation of Emperor Eastflower, and back when he had been Emperor Eastflower, he had apprenticed himself to a major power. After reincarnating and becoming Lu Dongbin, he had apprenticed himself to a second major power.
  • Lu Dongbin had merged the strong points from both schools, infusing them into his Dao of the Sword. He was known in the Three Realms to be frighteningly powerful and he was a famous, awe-inspiring Sword Immortal
  • Even amongst Pure Yang True Immortals, he was ranked towards the very front.
  • Lu Dongbin was utterly shameless, had a weird temper, liked to play tricks on people, and cursed or giggled as he pleased
  • and he often liked to wander about the mortal realms, leaving behind quite a few legacies in many of the worlds he passed through.