A smaller organization in the Badlands Territory. The leader is known as the Starlord of Fogstone and controls a planet magical treasure which has tremendous power. The Starlord of Fogstone is a World god who has 8 World-Level experts under him and controls ninety-six chaosworlds.

Enemies: God Emperor Black Lotus, Chaos Immortal Owlsoar, Elder God Mindlord

World-Level Experts: Starlord of Fogstone, Chaos Immortal Abyssus, Chaos Immortal Skyram, Chaos Immortal Overguard, World God Blackmist, World God Goldcloud,

Elder Gods/Ancestral Immortals: Elder God Mountain Eater, Elder God Fushe, Skyleave, Elder God Blackpeak, Baiwu, Imperius, Shadesoar, Whitehorn, Bloodsea

Plot: The Starlod of Fogstone recently became a Master Class WG while WG Blackmist died as well as God Emperor Blacklotus, Chaos Immortal Owlsoar and Mindlord. Also Ji Ning joined the Fogstone army as a Elder God and the 6th general and during the war against Blacklotus Empire, he killed the Mindlord and after wards Ning left with Daolord Solesky.

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