Overview Edit

Braveshell is a high level, central figure, man from the Blackmount Tribe. He comes to the Metalstone Tribe to collect furs from them for his tribe. He offends Ji Ning and Autumn Leaf and gets kicked by Autumn Leaf. He also threatens them and eventually gets killed by Ning.

Plot Edit

Braveshell is first seen coming to the Metalstone Tribe to collect furs for the Blackmount Tribe. He then comes across Autumn Leaf and Ji Ning. He becomes attracted to Autumn Leaf's looks and goes to her and strikes up a conversation with her. After Autumn Leaf calls him impudent, he threatens Autumn Leaf and tells her to follow him. He then brags about how he wiped out a family of a girl that committed suicide rather then be with him and also how he sold of the entire clan as slaves. He is then informed by Tyson that Ning, Autumn Leaf and Mowu are from a different larger tribe. He then tries to caress Autumn Leaf's face prompting a kick from her. Braveshell becomes livid after the kick and asks which tribe the three people are from. He is then shown the Ji clan's emblem by Mowu revealing that they are from the Ji clan. Braveshell orders his men to kill Ning and Mowu and to capture Autumn Leaf so he can rape her. He does this after finding out the killing intent of Ji Ning, Autumn Leaf and Mowu. However his men gets killed by Wanfang. After Wanfang a Xiantian life form shows respect to Ji Ning, Braveshell is surprised. He then tries to trick Ning by saying that he has a magic treasure that he can give to Ning while at the same time he attacks Ning intending to capture him. However Ning was too fast and kills Braveshell before his attack can reach Ning.