Overview Edit

The tribe Spring Grass and Blacktooth is from. The tribe was destroyed by a larger tribe called the Blood Mosquito tribe. The tribe was later rebuilt by Blacktooth.

History Edit

Blacktooth tribe was located within a mountainous forest. The tribe lived a peaceful live raising animals inside and its warriors killing nearby monsters. The tribe discovered a secluded valley with a large amount of naturally grown millet rice. The tribe was happy, however one morning at dawn the tribe was surprise attacked by a larger and more powerful tribe called the Blood Mosquito tribe. The Blacktooth tribe was destroyed and the surviving member were scattered in different places. However later on Blacktooth found the surviving members and rebuilt the tribe.

Plot Edit

Blacktooth the leader of the Blacktooth tribe goes to the Ji clan to get his daughter back. He successfully gets his daughter Spring Grass back and takes her back to the newly established Blacktooth tribe. Blacktooth tribe then one day gets attacked by Serpentwing resulting in more then half of the members death. The tribe was at the verge of destruction as the surviving members were leaving the tribe to join bigger tribes for fear of an attack from Serpentwing. The remaining Blacktooth tribe members decide to get help from the Riverside Tribe. They meet Riverside He, who proposes unreasonable demand and later on he reject to offer protection to the Blacktooth tribe. Fortunately Serpentwing was forced into Serpentwing lake which stopped the attacks from Serpentwing and saved the tribe. Also the tribal members that left the tribe returned back to the tribe.


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