Overview Edit

Blackmount Tribe is a tribe that is a subject under the Ji clan. It pays taxes to the Ji clan. The tribe consists of tens of thousands of tribesman. The tribe forces the nearby smaller tribes to pay taxes to them without authority. It bullies the small tribes around them. Its member consist of Braveshell

Plot Edit

Blackmount Tribe sends group of people led by Braveshell to collect furs from the Metalstone Tribe. The group gets into a conflict with Ji Ning, Mowu and Autumn Leaf. Braveshell orders his group of men to kill Ning and Mowu and capture Autumn Leaf but his men gets killed by Wanfang. Then when Braveshell tries to capture Ning, he gets killed by Ning. Afterwards Wanfang makes a trip to the Blackmount Tribe to stop them from harassing the nearby tribes.